Customs clearance


Consultancy customs:


Gold Mark that our long experience in the field of customs clearance and our staff eligible afforded us an opportunity to serve our clients in providing counseling service customs before importing goods from abroad as well as that we match the specifications before the import because it is providing to the customer time and speed the completion of transactions thereafter.

*   Clearance

First: procedures for customs clearance at the port:

1          follow the arrival of goods by the agent in each of the countries.

2          withdrawal policy (Delivery Order) and agents.

3          insurance payment and delivery to the agent authorization and payment of port charges.

4          Print treatment and preparation in the next day.

5          inspection and inspection by customs.

6          pay fees.

7          transport the goods to the merchant's warehouses.

8          loading and unloading.









         Our advantages

Gold Mark What we enjoy the potential of equipment and cranes for handling and storage of cargo and containers in our forums near ports, the basic idea of this squares centered on the output of goods from ports in an expeditious manner to avoid flooring customs especially for shipments of large and downloaded and stored in our own then then transported to our customers quickly and easily.


         Features Services

Gold Mark We also provide the following services to download and upload containers - storage containers and cargo - unloading and packing of goods - storage for long periods of time.