•  Services Cleaning And Gardens



  1. Gold Mark Provide Our Customers With A Team Of Qualified Clean And Well-Trained And Fully Aware Of The Techniques And Various Toiletries.
  2.  Steps Are Well Aware Of The Health Protection To Any Area You Need To Sterilize At The Request Of The Client..
  3. Gold Mark, Cleaning Procedures Prepared For The Area To Ensure The Quality Of All Services And The Development Of Criteria For This Service.
  4. Cleaning Services:

 Include Cleaning And Maintenance Of Hardwood Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Elevators And Domes, Windows And Roof, And The Halls And Corridors And External, Glass Facades ... Etc..

  1. Gold Mark Is Keen To Provide Changing Rooms En Suite Shower To Its Employees By The Client.
  2. Cleaning Services Include Forums Gold To Clean The Exterior Of The Buildings (If It Is Clean And Can Be Accessed), As Well As Cleaning External Windows At All Times.



  1. You Will Be Training And Evaluation Of Staff, Gold Mark For Its Performance,


  • Gold Mark See All The:


  1. "Become The Leading Companies In Facilities Management Services In Yemen In The Next Few Years, And Will Do So To Ensure The Quality Of Service To Its Customers And In Accordance With International Standards.


  • Gold Mark, Task:


  1. "Connecting Facilities Management Services

Through Targeted International Quality

Management System With Confidence"



  • Internal Services For:


  • Security.
  • Pest Control.
  • Hygiene In The Home.
  • Technical Maintenance.



  • Pest Control: