Gold Mark Code Of Ethics and the proper handling of the professional institution



GOLD MARK, We are committed to serving the Gold Mark maintaining the highest standards of professional and proper handling of ethics and agree to comply with the principles of the Charter for the rude and spirit, and their application in decision-making and in performance of daily work.


And we pledge all of the following:


1-         To take responsibility when making career decisions to ensure sound health and safety and the public interest, and immediate disclosure to those responsible for the existence of any potential risks.

2-         To avoid fraudulent or malicious acts result in harm to others or damage to persons or property or  reputation or respect of their functions, and act as best they can to eliminate or mitigate the adverse  effects of unintended consequences.

3-         Not to do any business activities in particular, as well as any personal transactions of employees of the company or members of his family, may lead to conflict with the interests or the interests of Mark Gold customers.

4-         The commitment of the Secretariat and accuracy and objectivity, and that we be trusted when making any statements or technical advice or estimates based on information available to us.

5-         Respect for contracts, agreements and responsibilities of different job.

6-         Customer service in good faith and diligence and ensure the provision of services of real value to customers

7-         To maintain our efficiency and professional development, and failure to provide any service unless we are qualified to provide either sufficient experience or training or after the disclosure of the limits of our capabilities in providing the service openly and frankly.

8-         Accept and offer constructive criticism and honest and admit mistakes with an open mind, taking quick and appropriate steps to fix those errors or prevent their occurrence.

9-         Promoting employment conditions that protect the rights and interests of all employees Bjuld Mark.

10-       Everyone's respect and non-discrimination in treatment, regardless of considerations of religion or  ethnic origin, sex, gender, age or physical situation.

11-       To refuse to accept or offer any gifts or bribes or kickbacks or inducements other figure, leading to  obtain preferential treatment or unfair.

12-       Respect and protect private property rights, including intellectual property.

13-       To give a proper appreciation of the thoughts and posts and the efforts of others.

14-       Respect the confidentiality of information and privacy of others not to disclose personal information or   work-related that we obtain in the context of our dealings with customers or others, except with authorization from them or under the law.

15-       Fair competition and fair and to support participation in professional forums related to the activity.